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Canine Physical Rehabilitation
For healing...there's no place like home.

Canine Rehabilitation Equipment & Home Exercise Programs

At Kindred K9 Healing, the health and wellness of your beloved pets are of the utmost important. We genuinely understand your desire for them to lead a fulfilling, active life, and we're here to help when any of these physical ailments pose a challenge!

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Cavaletti Courses

Obstacles strategically placed to encourage a variety of physical movement. These challenges not only improves balance and coordination but also enhances body awareness and agility. 

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Wobble Discs

Rocker boards move and tilt under your pet's body, requiring the use of various muscle groups to stay balanced. A full-body workout that enhances strength and balance.

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 Resistance Bands

A fantastic tool for physically active dogs. These tension bands add resistance to basic exercises making them more challenging. The result is increased strength and power.



Exercises and modalities can be performed in the comfort of your living room or backyard. No need to fret about travel time or traffic. Allow your pet to fully concentrate on their physical rehabilitation program with minimal distractions and stressors.


Just like humans, dogs too benefit from a steady routine. By consistently working on their strength, flexibility, and balance in a familiar environment, they will be on the fast track to recovery. Plus, it's a great way for them to burn off some extra energy!


Pet owner participation is strongly encouraged during the rehabilitation process. These shared moments of activity can strengthen your connection, providing emotional support to your dog during their healing journey.

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