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"Jane is a lifesaver for our dog Stella. Her compassion and dedication has helped Stella. to have a better quality of life. She is much happier and healthier under her care.  I would never trust any one else to take care of our big girl! What an incredible find!"
- Stella -


"Cooper would not be thriving this way but for your amazing work. His vet and surgeon are astounded by his progress, confidence and healthy build up of muscle mass. The results are beyond our expectations. Thank you Jane, you are a superstar!"
- Cooper - 

"Jane is awesome! Our dog Lilly was run over and Jane has gotten her up and running again! Literally!! She's been very patient and knowledgeable. She's been great with Lilly
and has been a life saver! She's great at what she does!"
- Lilly -

"Dexter walked as if he were years younger.  His back left leg also seemed to be more comfortable for him.  I was absolutely thrilled!   Thank you for your hard work. We can see the difference!  Thank you, again, for letting me see a younger Dexter."
- Dexter - 

"Jane is not only pleasant, accommodating and knowledgeable...she is a miracle!"
- Scout -

"My cat and I met Jane at a difficult point in our life. My cat had a brain tumor removal surgery. As a result, his back paws were splinting and front paws were crossing. From her first visit we started to feel her as a friend. Today, my cat comes running towards her when she comes in. Sometimes, I am jealous that he allows her to touch and massage his paws, yet he is aggressive towards me when I try. We are glad that we met her. Leo would totally agree with that statement. She is helping us to recovery after surgery. We're not sure that we would have such progress without her professional, soft hands."
- Leo -

"Our dog Stella has been rehabbing from her knee surgery, with Jane’s PT. She has progressed rapidly in a relatively short period of time. I attribute this to a good surgeon and a great physical therapist. Extremely knowledgeable and caring. And she came to our home to do the PT, which was so helpful to me. I highly recommend her!"
- Stella -

"Jane is an amazing PT! My dog is like a puppy after her sessions.  She is caring and patient. My dog loves her. She saved him!"
- Cody -

"Jane is an excellent, talented PT. She has treated 2 of my dogs post surgery. One recovering from TPLO surgery and the other from a herniated disc. I have been to large PT rehab centers and they do not compare to the individual custom care Jane provides. I research all of my dogs medical care and I have been very grateful and fortunate to have found Jane."
- Lovey & Chanel -

"Jane is wonderful! She’s helped and healed my dog. We love her."
- Seymour -

"I took Jada to show her off to my veterinarian and get her weight checked. She lost 6 pounds and Damian and his team were so pleased at how well she looked. We can't thank you enough for all that you did for Jada. She is like a new dog!"
- Jada -

"Treatment was just recently completed on my Chocolate Lab who had ACL surgery. I am so pleased with his progress and I know the sessions with Jane were certainly key to his continued recovery. I learned so much throughout the process and was very impressed with Jane’s expertise and professionalism. I would highly recommend Kindred K9 Healing."
- Gunner -

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